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Lacave de Saigon

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La Cave de SaiGon

La Cave de SaiGon

26 Mai Thi Luu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

Website: www.lacavedesaigon.com

Tel: (08) 22 395 864 - 0907363379

Fax: (08) 62648595

 Those who have ravelled to France all get indulged in this modern and ancient constructed place. Many people take it for granted that French structure is fixed and is like a dream and that dream really comes true at La Cave. As a matter of act, La Cave has been put up on account of its owner's interest and desire. Significantly, he would like to share this dream with those champaign lovers. Based on the idea of French wine cellars' design, La Cave has created for itself a prominent style amid Saigon town.


The first impression making on customers is a small threshold leading into La Cave. The feeling is like you are entering a wine cellar belonging to a few centuries ago. Therefore, it excites curioscity of those who first come here and are encouraged to unfold the secret. As for those who love La Cave beforehand cannot foret about such a place now that once they get here, people all get indulged in the fascinating, unique structure and the layout in which all details are carefully taken into account. Main color in use is the brown caught in wooden furniture which, then, is mixed with the color of yellow from light of lamp and creates such a cozy space.


This space itself, in turn, includes some glistening candle light which brings enough romance. Thus, you certainly have much comfort when sitting by your friends or relatives' sides and together enjoying such fantastic flavor of champaign which is carefully selected from all over the world by the restaurant' owner.

Hầm rượu vang La Cave

In reality, the stress point of La Cave is on the wine containers uniquely sylized and laid everywhere and importantly, there is no overlapping about them whatsoever. Around these containers exists many wine bottles neatly and tidily arranged. Roof is in form of arch to bring a feeling of depth as if you were in a real wine cellar. 

Beside wine, a variety of dishes are available to be served. These are in Western style and really delicious due to the beautiful decoration. Such menu includes some dishes like Swedish smoked hot dog, French butter and cheese, baked lamp, beef, pork, etc.  Not only that French and Jazz music is performed together with the food and drink service to make such a perfect combination.

Party booking and reservation is accepted.

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